It’s Alive! First Footage From Kodak’s Super 8 Camera Released

The Kodak Super 8 Camera hasn’t had a speedy entry to the market, but the new footage released at CES 2018 looks very, very promising. Check out the footage and a podcast update on the camera below: 

We first found out about Kodak’s Super 8 Camera dreams back at CES 2016, and I was beginning to wonder if the camera might not see the light of day. However, at CES 2018 Kodak is showing footage from the camera and I can safely say that I am again hyped about the possibilities this camera presents. Film stock has had a rough go over the past few decades, but with the help of a few legendary Hollywood directors and some unique business pivots, Kodak seems to be steadily turning things around.

What excites me the most about this camera is the ease of use. It really does feel on the surface like the camera that will re-introduce shooting on Super 8 film to a whole new generation of DSLR filmmakers and V-loggers. Once you’ve shot out your roll of film, you can send the footage to Kodak and technicians upload your digital files to the Kodak Darkroom website. From there, you are free to download and import footage into the NLE of your choice.

Beyond its fun retro design, the camera features a 3.5 inch LCD, variable speeds and a C mount. C-mount lenses are generally affordable and I encourage you to check out e-Bay for a long list of vintage C-mount lenses under $100.

Shipping: Sometime in 2018

Cost: $2,500 – $3,000